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Instagram’s algorithm rolled out today, here’s what you need to know

“sh*t!” That’s the first thought of many people upon hearing that our favourite visual social media platform is switching from real-time newsfeed to one manipulated by an algorithm. Instagram teased the roll out of their algorithm on their blog earlier this month and today it officially launched to all users.

So, how will it work?

Like it’s famous older sibling ‘Facebook’, Instagram’s algorithm will follow suit and your feed will rank posts higher based on:

  • Timing: how recent your content is shared
  • Connection: how often your followers interact with your content
  • Engagement: how many likes and comments your content receives

According to Instagram people miss 70 percent of their feeds, hence why they’ve introduced the algorithm.

This interesting statistic aside, many speculate the channel will soon replicate Facebook’s ‘pay to play’ model. Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen.

To check if your account has already switched to the algorithm go to your feed and check the dates against the posts. If posts in your feed are not arranged chronologically, then you have the new feed experience.



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