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I believe that empowering people with knowledge makes the world a better place

I get asked a lot why I focus on Government and the public sector, and the answer is this: I don't want this industry to be taken advantage of any more. I don't want public sector professionals to feel or be perceived as anything less than professional, capable and innovative. I'm here to help the public sector industry and employees thrive on social media with minimal risk and maximum impact.

The problem with social media in government

A 2017 Leaders Report showed that “nearly half of government respondents say they lack an understanding of digital and social media.” Adding to this, a Deloitte study found that only 34 percent of government organisations surveyed had sufficient skills to execute its digital strategy, and just 33 percent of government employees said they were provided the right resources or opportunities to obtain the digital skills they need.

There is a skill shortage of social media in government, which is fair enough considering social media is a scary space to play in and some government employees had social media duties dumped on their lap loaded with expectations, yet with little support.

I know this first-hand because I've been there, just like you.

How Janine and her team help

Training, consulting and facilitation programs that empower government and businesses to half their reputational risk and triple their connection with their customers online.

Social media training

Upskill your organisation with custom face-to-face and online training

Content Creation

Connect with communities using content that sticks

Social Media Policy

Minimise risk on social media for your staff and brand

Strategy & Planning

Ensure your online presence doesn't get left behind

Social Media procedures

Manage social media effectively with clear guidelines


Communication plans for events, Have Your Say, internal projects and more

Past and current clients

Taylor Lappin

Shellharbour City Council

Janine’s training is second to none. Her expertise and experience in the field was extremely valuable and meant that she was able to assist with problems I didn’t even realise I had. She is enthusiastic about all things social media and that comes across in her training. She goes above and beyond and has sparked a huge interest in social media across our Council that was lacking before.

Catherine Parker

Communications Group Manager, Cumberland Council

Thanks for your great work on the social media policy…the audit committee noted it was the best one they had seen for a Council! Woot!

John Carse

Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils

Janine's experience in both private and public sector enabled her to tailor the course for local government with relevant examples addressing the issues we face and with excellent resources for our future needs.

Nicole Marzan

Port Macquarie Hastings Council

I highly recommend booking a customised social media training class for your organisation as you can really tailor the session to your own needs.

Cindy Smith

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council

Enjoyed this training thoroughly, I could not wait to get started with everything. I have had a chance to delve into the tools and resources you talked about and found them to be invaluable. Thank you.

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