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Looking for a communications speaker to engage, inspire and motivate?

The speaker is an integral part of your event’s success. Make the right choice and your audience will be rapt, hanging off their every word, talking about the event for weeks or months after.

Make the wrong choice…well, we’ve all been to one of those events, haven’t we? 

A speaker like that will guarantee your event is remembered for all the wrong reasons. No, what you need is an experienced event speaker at the top of their game. One whose passion and knowledge shines through in every single word. One with an engaging voice that can capture the attention of the audience and inspire them to take action.

Meet Janine Marin


Janine is an internationally recognised event speaker in communications, marketing, branding and women in leadership. She counts major global corporations and government agencies among her clients, and she recently became the first Australian ever to speak at GSMCON17, the largest government conference in the USA.

With her lifelong love of communications, Janine has evolved from digital enthusiast to  entrepreneur. As founder of Janine Marin Communications Janine has become the go-to speaker and consultant for organisations seeking expert communications guidance and an authoritative industry voice.

What does Janine speak about?

Janine has delivered a wide range of speeches at major conferences, expos and conventions.

Some examples of past keynote topics:

  • Productivity Apps for EAs in Councils (LGNSW)
  • The importance of social media in HR (LGNSW)
  • Selling social media to your leadership team (GSMCON)
  • What it takes to be assertive, smart goals and planning (Springboard Women’s Development Program)
  • Using social media to enhance the learning experience (Community Languages Conference)

Angela Dawson

Penrith City Council

What an inspiration you are! I want to let you know how amazing I found your story. Such determination to chase your dream and work so hard towards it. You've had some amazing experiences. You've made me look at my life achievements and my own experiences and determinations in a new light so thank you for opening my eyes and sharing your story with our group it was really appreciated. Thanks again! 

Deb Elliott

Fly Consulting

The feedback from the day was fabulous. They enjoyed your talk and lessons on bouncing back from challenging times, resilience and how to handle change. I constantly found myself referring back to your talk all throughout the day last week, ‘remember when Janine talked about…..” to reinforce the learnings of the content from the day. Sharing your story was definitely the highlight of the day. For that I personally thank you for your openness, venerability and authenticity as our guest speaker last week. Thank you Janine!

Don’t see the topic you’re interested in?  

Janine’s experience spans the entire spectrum of communications, marketing, branding and female leadership. Simply get in touch with Janine and tell her about your event, and she’ll craft a bespoke speech to meet your objectives and delight your audience.

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