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How to manage negative comments on your social media page with less risk and less stress

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Businesses and Corporations

Drawing on her years of marketing and branding experience, Janine will work with you to develop a strong brand and a powerful voice. You’ll be able to communicate your unique value to your customers, positioning yourself as a credible leader in your industry.

Social media can benefit businesses in countless ways, from lead generation and customer engagement, to market research and brand awareness. In the 18-34 age group alone, 95% of people are likely to follow a brand on social media, creating a great opportunity for digital-savvy businesses to connect with their audiences.

Given its incredible reach, businesses who don’t make the most of social media are missing out on a powerful engagement tool. Janine’s social media workshops aim to fix this, teaching valuable social media skills to businesses and in-house communications teams.

A lover of all things digital, Janine will teach you everything she knows about creating an impactful online presence for your business. With proven strategies tailored to your business model, you’ll enjoy sustainable growth and an enviable advantage over your competitors.

Along with social media, Janine creates tailored workshops specialising in workplace communications, female leadership and executive personal branding.

Workshops cover topics such as:

Developing effective content marketing strategies.

Building a strong brand presence across multiple platforms

Increasing brand awareness and engagement online.

Developing female leaders in the workplace.

How to cultivate an effective communication culture.

Increasing brand awareness and engagement online.


Sarah Torchin

City of Austin, USA

Thanks a bunch Janine! I have already started putting some stuff together for my execs from your session. I found it extremely helpful! And your Digital Honey Facebook page has become a resource of good information.


Lea Pracy

Owner of Manna for Mumma

I recently had the pleasure of being coached by Janine. She is one talented individual - motivated, intuitive, and highly personable. My productivity went through the roof working with her - she has an innate ability to cut to the chase and keep you accountable, without feeling like it is "just one more thing" on your to do list. I highly recommend Janine and look forward to working with her again in the future.


Monica Gragg

Owner of the Learn By Design School

Janine is truly amazing! She has this innate ability to listen to what you are saying, and what you cannot express. From there, she will help you understand your value and teach you how to build your brand. She is dedicated to your success and I’m very thankful for having her services during the growth phase of my business.

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